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08-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Rotomaster High Pressure Turbo Rebuild Kit

While the compound turbocharger design of the 6.4L's has surpassed its predecessor in both reliability and efficiency, we have still seen numerous failures of these turbos.  Much of this is caused due to the immense power potential these trucks have through tuning alone, and the turbos are pushed to their limits.  However, many of these failures stem from sheer fatigue.  If your high pressure turbo is merely in need of a simple rebuild, we offer this kit to replace the bearings and seals, getting you back on the road.


  • (2) Journal Bearings
  • (1) Thrust Bearing
  • (1) Snap Ring
  • (2) Turbine Side Piston Rings
  • (2) Compressor Side Piston Rings
  • (1) O-Ring
  • (1) Shaft Nuts
  • (1) Clamp Nut
  • (1) Thrust Collar
  • (1) Thrust Spacer
  • (1) Bearing Spacer

Part number: S1640303N

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