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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Wicked Wheel2 Compressor Wheel Upgrade

DieselSite Wicked Wheel2 Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel Upgrade 2003-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke

For use on Aftermarket Garrett PowerMax Turbos ONLY

  • Greatly improves throttle response
  • Increased horsepower
  • Lower EGT's
  • Easy installation - no modifications needed
  • Increased boost

How can you make the overall boost, power, and throttle response improve on an already proven ball-bearing platform, such as the Garrett PowerMax?  Easy, add a billet Wicked Wheel2 compressor wheel for lightning fast spool up and reduced smoke!

Special Note: This turbo has a standard right hand thread - meaning you turn the compressor wheel to the left to loosen. No need to torque the Wicked Wheel on. Simply snug the Wicked Wheel until it fully seats. It will self-tighten to full torque. The Wicked Wheel is balanced at the factory. Turbo balancing after installation is not necessary.  

Part number: WW60PM

**Important Note About Return**: If the seal is broken on the packaging this part is NON-returnable.

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