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17-19 Ford Super Duty Hypertech In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module

Make sure the speedometer and odometer in your 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty & 2016-2018 Ford F-150 are properly calibrated with the Hypertech 730125 In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module. The Speedometer Calibrator Module is an in-line module that makes it easy for you to recalibrate the speedometer and odometer in your Super Duty to account for non-stock tire sizes and rear gear ratios. The Calibrator Module is specially engineered for vehicles that have a computer that can't adjust or recalibrate to the addition of non-stock tires and rear gear ratios.


To use the Speedometer Calibrator Module connect the module to your computer with the included USB cable and input the new information about your tires and rear gear ratio. Once you have added the info to the computer program disconnect the module and add it to your vehicle in place of the factory connector. 



  • Easy Setup & Installation
  • Utilize Hypertech's Computer Software
  • Recalibrates Your Speedometer & Odometer

Additional Options 

Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Gears All valid gear ratios supported

Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Tire Sizes Lower limit 50% of stock tire size, no upper limit

Not available for sale in the state of California  

Hypertech part number: 730125



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Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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