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94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Driven Diesel Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit

Why the Strictly Diesel Dipstick Adapter is the Best Option on the Market

When it comes to resolving the notorious 7.3L Powerstroke diesel dipstick leak issue, Strictly Diesel stands out as the pioneer and the leader. Here’s why the Strictly Diesel dipstick adapter remains the best option available:

Unmatched Quality and Innovation
Strictly Diesel was the first company to offer a viable solution to the persistent 7.3L Powerstroke dipstick leak problem. Their innovative approach set the standard that many others have tried to imitate but none have matched. By choosing the Strictly Diesel dipstick adapter, you're investing in the original, proven solution.

Key Benefits of the Strictly Diesel Dipstick Adapter

Proven Track Record: Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers, our dipstick adapter has stood the test of time.

High-Quality Materials: Manufactured using top-grade materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for the 7.3L Powerstroke, guaranteeing a precise fit and easy installation.

Leak-Free Performance: Engineered to provide a permanent fix to the dipstick tube leakage, giving you peace of mind.

Ease of Installation: Comes with comprehensive instructions and all necessary hardware, making the installation process straightforward even for DIY enthusiasts.

Why Choose Strictly Diesel?

Original Innovators: As the creators of the first 7.3L Powerstroke dipstick adapter, our expertise and experience are unparalleled.

Customer Support: Exceptional customer service and technical support to assist you every step of the way.

Continuous Improvement: Ongoing product development and enhancements based on customer feedback and technological advancements.

Competitive Pricing: Offering superior quality at a reasonable price, providing great value for your money.

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By choosing the Strictly Diesel dipstick adapter, you're opting for the best solution on the market. Trust the original innovators to keep your 7.3L Powerstroke running smoothly and leak-free. Don’t settle for imitations—go with the tried and true option from Strictly Diesel.

As the 7.3L trucks get older, oil pan leaks get more and more common. One of the most frequent sources of oil pan leaks is from the factory dipstick adapter in the side of the oil pan. We've seen a number of interesting repairs on the stock dipstick adapter, most involving some sort of sealant like silicone...and some even involving epoxy type products like JBWeld. We've also seen the dipstick adapter nut over-tightened to the point of distorting the adapter inside the pan (in such a way that it would never seal again, even with a new o-ring).

Whether you've got an oil leak now, or you're building a new engine and don't want to deal with one in the future, this Dipstick Adapter Repair kit is the once and for all solution! This kit completely eliminates the stock dipstick adapter, replacing it with a new machined aluminum adapter that features a double o-ring seal on the OUTSIDE of the oil pan. This kit can be installed with the oil pan still on the engine, and the engine still in the truck. Best of all, if the o-rings in this kit should ever leak, this adapter can be quickly and easily removed and reinstalled with new o-rings...all from outside the oil pan!

Contents of the Strictly Diesel Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit:

  • (Qty : 1) New Dipstick Adapter Featuring:
  • Machined Aluminum Construction (instead of cheap pot metal)
  • Machined Steel Backing Plate/Brace
  • Stainless Steel Screws with Copper Sealing Washers
  • Double O-Ring Set for a Positive Seal
  • Installs Quickly Without Oil Pan or Engine Removal
  • Quickly and Easily Serviced If Necessary
  • Fits 94-97 "OBS" Trucks, 99-03 Super Duty Trucks & Excursions and E-Series Vans
  • Patent Pending
  • (Qty : 1) Correct New Ford Dipstick O-Ring
  • (Qty : 1) Detailed Full Color Installation Instructions.

Note: This product may require modification to fit engines using HYPERMAX connecting rods or using an AFTERMARKET Engine Girdle across the main caps. It has been used with both products, but clearances should be closely checked and installation may require additional steps.

T444E CUSTOMERS : This repair adapter has been used by a number of T444E owners with the same success as we have had on the Ford Powerstroke applications. To the best of our knowledge, this adapter should fit all T444E applications...but to be clear, we are not a Heavy Duty shop and we don't work on that engine.

Strictly Diesel Dipstick Repair Adapter Kit - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Q : Do I have to remove the engine and/or the oil pan to install this part?
A : No, this Dipstick Adapter installs from the OUTSIDE of the oil pan and does NOT require removal of the engine or the oil pan for installation or service.

Q : How do I get the factory part out of the oil pan when installing this Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit?
A : You don't. The interior portion of the factory dipstick adapter stays in the oil pan. During the installation, after removing the original o-ring (so it doesn't get stuck in the oil pickup and reduce oil flow), this part is dropped into the lowest part of the oil pan sump, where it will remain until such time as the engine and oil pan are removed.

Q : Can the factory part that is left in the oil pan cause any engine damage?
A : No. The factory dipstick adapter will sink to the bottom of the pan and have nowhere to go. It is too large to enter the oil pickup tube and there is nothing else in the bottom of the oil pan for it to interfere with. The only possibility for any issues with regard to the part in the bottom of the oil pan would be in the case of the engine being operated upside down (a situation that more than likely means that you've got bigger problems than whether the engine continues to run or not).

Q : How does the Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit work?
A : This Dipstick Adapter has a rear support brace (not shown in the above photo) that goes in through the opening of the oil pan and is swiveled into place during the installation. The 2 screws visible in the photograph above are used to retain that support brace and pull it tight against the interior wall of the oil pan, which compresses the 2 o-rings against the outside wall of the oil pan and creates the seal.

Q : Is there any drilling or modification to the oil pan required?
A : No, there is absolutely no modification to the factory oil pan required to install this Dipstick Adapter.

Q : Does this product include installation instructions?
A : Yes. If you've ever purchased or installed any of the other "Strictly Diesel" or "Driven Diesel" products, you've already seen the type of detailed instructions that we've become known for. This product is no different. We've taken the Dipstick Adapter and packaged it into a complete kit with a new Ford O-Ring and a set of Detailed Full Color Installation Instructions that show how to install the product into both an "OBS" (94-97) and "Super Duty" (99-03) style truck.

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