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95.5-03 7.3L Powerstroke Full Force Diesel Competition Girdle Kit

The Full Force Diesel 7.3L Block Girdle is designed to minimize the risk of stress fractures or cracks in the engine block associated with high horsepower levels. It includes ARP main studs, washers, nuts, and oil pickup tube tab.

Final torque on ARP studs will be 125 ft lb from center out. 

This is what you need if you are looking to keep those main caps from walking around and hold your 7.3L together in high stress situations. The kit will come complete with ARP main studs and the tab for the oil pick up tube. Just have your machine shop align bore your crank and you are set.

Note: This girdle will not work fit the 1994-1995 year models. You would need to replace front cover with 1996+ model. 

Full Force Diesel: FFD73GIRDLE
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