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94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit

The leak at the dipstick flange on the side of the engine oil pan is a well known issue with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine. The leak develops because the factory O-ring mounted inside the adapter swells over time due to exposure to oil. As the seal swells it actually deforms the inner piece of the adapter causing the outer nut to loosen. Some people will try tightening the nut to stop the leak and that can work temporarily, but it only deforms the inner piece more. The factory repair for this leak is to remove the pan and replace the whole unit from the inside of the pan. This is a time consuming and expensive repair.


This kit from reuses the internal part and moves the seal to the outside of the pan. Nothing left abandoned inside the pan and no welding, creating a permanent repair.


DISCLAIMER: It has been determined that this kit only works with Factory or Dorman internal dipstick flanges. If the internal part has ever been replaced with a part not made by these two manufacturers, this kit may not work. Also, if the dipstick nut has ever been over tightened, and the threads are pulled, you could still end up with a small leak.


Part Number: 110448

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