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Lisle Corp

Lisle corporation brings their expertise to Pure Diesel Power. Check out our collection below.
Brand: Lisle Corp Part Number: 72400
The Lisle 72400 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Drill Template (GM 6.6L Duramax) removes broken exhaust manifold bolts on your 6.6L Duramax without damaging the cylinder head. Tapered bolts center the base plate over the bolt holes and slip fit bushing allow you to move from hole to hole without moving the ba..
Brand: Lisle Corp Part Number: 57170
Duramax Lisle Fuel Filter PlugThreads into the filter for a secure seal so the filter can be removed from the tight space without spilling. The handle makes removal and installation easier.Part number: 57170..
Brand: Lisle Corp Part Number: 14500
Low profile Oil & Fuel Filter 36MM socket. Fits both 35mm & 36MM fuel and oil filters. 3/8 DriveNot for use with an impact wrench.Lisle Part number: 14500..
Brand: Lisle Corp Part Number: 39190
Designed to Separate Quick-Connect Fittings on 3/4" Heater Lines on GM Vehicles.Hinged design allows the tool to slip over the heater hose, even in tight spaces. Slide the tool into the connector to release the line. Aluminum provides strength and durability. Heater hose disconnect demonstration/ in..
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