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Kenny's Pulling Parts

     Kenny’s Pulling Parts & Machine manufactures top-quality truck parts. Get top-quality truck parts, as well as expert application information about tractor pulling and clutch assembly, from our professionals.
Kenny’s Pulling Parts & Machine has 30 years of expertise in machine manufacturing, and 20 years building custom flywheels and clutches. You can count on us for: engine and drive train parts, SFI approved flywheel assembly, as well as rebuilding any type of clutch. We take pride in our work and you’ll find we have affordable prices, so you’ll definitely be a satisfied customer.

Brand: Kenny's Pulling Parts Part Number: KPP59GKw/STUDS
Girdle kit by Kenny's Pulling parts.Kit includes girdle, spacer blocks and 14mm main studs.  If you have a 97.5+ Cummins block, you will need to have your main studs drilled & tapped out to 14mm, as they have 12mm threads from the factory.Install requires spacer blocks be machined to fit block and l..
Brand: Kenny's Pulling Parts Part Number: KPP3DISCSTREETNV4500
Call to Confirm Availability! Possible Lead Time!Fits 1994 - 2005 NV4500 - NV5600 HP Rating: 900 12 IN. 5135 Sinterned iron disc, these last longer for extreme sled pulling & shift better due to flatness under heat 3400LBS diaphragm pressure plate Throwout Bearing 1998.5-2005 models requir..
Brand: Kenny's Pulling Parts Part Number: KPP98-02HYD
Enables the adjustment of clutch pedal as well as allows for a heavier plate load...
Brand: Kenny's Pulling Parts Part Number: KPP3DISCCOMPNV4500
FITS 1994 - 2005 NV4500 - NV5600 Hp rating: 1300 Weighted pressure plate Includes modified release bearing arm Requires HD hydraulics, sold separately. Part number: KPP3DISCCOMP..
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