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13-23 Ram 6.7L Cummins Glacier Air-Boss Grid Heater Delete

GDP 6.7L "AIR-BOSS 67" Grid Heater Delete for Pickup Applications

EGT's running too high? Can't use all of the fuel you have available? The 6.7L Air-Boss 67 Grid Heater Delete gives the largest flow increase possible short of milling the cast plenum off of the head and going to a fabricated intake such as the ZZ Fab or Hellman unit.

The Air-Boss 67 is not just a replacement flat plate. The Air-Boss 67 Grid Heater Delete is a billet aluminum, internally elevated plenum cover designed to flow as much air as possible to cylinders 4, 5, and 6. With careful machining we were able to gain a full .220" of internal height while still allowing the use of the factory mounting hardware.

The new factory grid heater used on the 6.7L trucks is the worst design yet for airflow. Not only is the flow area much smaller than needed but the heater actually extends down INSIDE of the plenum. This not only causes turbulence but reduces the needed turning radius area by 40%. The Air-Boss 67 Grid Heater Delete removes the restrictive factory grid heater and opens up the turning radius and internal plenum area to the starving rear cylinders. 

Air-Boss 67 elevated intake plenums are compatible with all stock style intake manifolds and most aftermarket units that use stock thickness mounting flanges.* 

The increased airflow provided by the Air-Boss 67 reduces EGT's and allow you to run even higher fueling levels!

For cold weather applications that still require a grid heater please see the new GDP "Arctic Heat" High Flow 6.7L Grid Heater Relocation Kit.When combined with the Air-Boss 67 you have the highest flowing cold weather package available on the market.

Kit includes Air-Boss 67 intake plate, factory gaskets, fuel rail stand-offs, and intake temperature sensor sealing ring.

Glacier Diesel part number: 1315-ABIP

Lame California Prop 65 Notice