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07.5-09 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Banks Dry Ram-Air Intake System

Testing, testing & more testing.  


Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems are tested and proven. They start out as CAD software prototypes and are put through flow simulations. After a hardware prototype is made, it's tested on a flowbench. Then it's tested on the vehicle. And finally, Banks' density-tests the Ram-Air against stock and many competitors.


Proven design. Proven performance.  


Thanks to its enclosed cold-air housing, huge inlet, giant dome-shaped filter and streamlined design, Banks Ram-Air Intake maximizes the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. It flows 50% better than stock-and delivers greater air density to the turbo's inlet than the stock system and all competitors tested . Add on the optionalSuper-Scoop (42190 for standard bumper or 42191 for painted bumper), and the results are even better!


Longer service life, too.  


An aftermarket exclusive: with 4-1/2" bellows, Banks Ram-Air accommodates engine movement, which protects the components and extends service life. What's more, Ram-Air is designed to not cause fault or error codes.


It's all about density.  


And Banks Ram-Air Intake delivers. The harder you work your truck, the more Banks Ram-Air Intake improves power and fuel economy!


Extensively tested & validated

Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air

Inhales cooler outside air for more power & MPG

Giant filter maximizes high-flow filtration

Helps engine run cooler

Accommodates engine movement

Prevents component damage

Extends service life and requires fewer cleanings

5-year Limited Warranty

Outflows stock up to 50%

Reduces exhaust gas temps (EGTs)

Optional Super-Scoop rams cold air for more power

Exclusive 4-1/2 inch bellows to accommodate engine movement.

DRY Air Filter Element

Emissions Compliant: D-161-86

Banks: 42175-D

Lame California Prop 65 Notice