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Calibrated Power 07.5-09 6.7L Cummins Stealth Series 64mm Turbo

Product Unavailable, superseded to DM19A2080203000 (Updated 4-3-24)

Bolt-on, upgraded turbo for your 6.7L Cummins CMC (2007.5, 2008, 2009). Fix your P003A, P00AF, U010C codes caused by your failed stock turbo and gain the performance you always wanted from your truck. 

Featuring HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology!

This turbocharger features HFV technology! HFV or High Flow Vane technology is our proprietary customization of the variable vane cage and nozzle ring assembly. This advancement allows the use of a larger turbine wheel for maximum high-load efficiency. Stealth turbos featuring our HFV upgrade are capable of producing more power, spooling up quicker, and managing EGTs better than those limited with factory nozzle rings. 

Upgrades to this turbo include Calibrated Power's proprietary HFV technology, a larger turbine wheel, a billet compressor wheel, a genuine 351ve Holset actuator, and more. Excellent EGT control makes this a great turbo for towing and the extra power will make your truck more fun to drive! You'll love the "whistle".

*This turbo requires custom engine tuning

We have developed specific instructions and Min/Max vane position tables for custom tuners in order to aid you in getting the greatest benefits from this turbocharger. You should expect to work directly with your tuner to dial in a calibration that is perfect for you.


Cummins 6.7L Stealth 64 Turbo. Featuring HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology!

  • Airflow to Support 700+ RWHP
    • Dyno verified 650 RWHP capable with stock emissions equipment
    • Tested in competition setups with fueling mods to support making 700+ RWHP
    • 30% more airflow available compared to OEM (42-45psi boost capable at Sea Level)
  • HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology
    • Only found in Stealth select Stealth turbochargers
    • Custom, billet vanes and nozzle ring assembly
    • Exclusive design produced in-house specific to this application
    • Taller and wider vanes match larger turbine to provide superior high-load efficiency
    • Retain factory exhaust brake and quicker throttle response
  • Custom Billet Compressor Wheel
    • 11-Blade Wheel eliminates surge while towing
    • Made from the highest quality 7075 Aluminum
  • Oversized Custom Turbine Wheel
    • Low drive pressures at high load
    • Efficiency improved to better control EGTs
    • Distinctive exhaust sound
  • Brand New Parts and Electronics
      • 100% Genuine 300vg Holset actuator
        • Most reliable actuator available
        • More robust than the 351ve actuator
      • No sending back the stock failed actuator
      • Pre-Calibrated and no tuning required
      • No Core Charges

This Turbo is Designed for you if you...

  • Daily drive your truck
  • Reliability and Performance are your top priorities
  • Tow with your truck
  • Prefer to simply swap your old turbo out for a new one
  • Want more power when you need it, but still have excellent street manners!


Calibrated Power Part Number: DT1203000020000

Lame California Prop 65 Notice