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Power Drivel Diesel Billet Fuel Sump

Billet Fuel Sump offered by Power Driven Diesel is your next project. This Billet fuel sump provides your Lift pump with a higher flow of fuel using a gravity-fed design. If your truck is running a draw straw style fuel pickup, these sumps eliminate the dreaded 1/4 tank suction issue.
Purchase the Power Driven Diesel Fuel Sump for your next build.
Their sumps are designed with a swirl ramp feature that diffuses return fuel flow, which minimizes splashing and reduces aeration in the tank.
Features -10 o-ring ports to ensure plenty of flow and a leak-free seal. Includes fittings for use with 1/2″ hose.
Requires a 3 1/8″ hole saw for installation.

Power Driven Diesel: 64001012001
Lame California Prop 65 Notice