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98.5-2002 Genuine Bosch Dodge 24 Valve Cummins RV275HP Injectors

98.5-2002 Dodge 24 Valve Cummins Bosch RV275HP Injectors

1998.5-2002 (24 Valve Only) Dodge Cummins 5.9L NEW 275hp 24 Valve Injectors.

Add up to 40HP to your 98.5-2002 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel!

Bosch Part Number: 432193635

With copper sealing washers installed, does not include o-rings for the injector connector tubes. (See Related Products below)

Set of 6 injectors, no core charge.

Increases the power by 50 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque at the ground on '98-'00 automatics. These same injectors add 33 horsepower and 66 lb-ft at the ground on manuals and '01 automatics. Throttle response and low-end acceleration are definitely improved with this addition. Fuel economy normally improves by 5% with this change. Injectors can be installed within about 3 hours by most do it yourself enthusiasts. These are new Bosch® injectors approved by Cummins® on their 275 hp 660-torque motorhome engines.

These injectors do not wash oil off cylinder walls and dribble at idle like some aftermarket injectors that are modified Bosch® injectors. Some 1998 24 Valve trucks need connector tubes with these injectors, these trucks have an engine serial number below 56462591.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice