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07.5-12 Dodge 6.7L GDP TORKER-IV 125 HP Injector Nozzles

07.5-12 Dodge 6.7L GDP TORKER-IV 125 HP Injector Nozzles

Looking for stump pulling torque? The GDP 6.7L TORKER nozzles put the power down! TORKER Nozzles are a mechanical upgrade that will add solid, reliable power. If more power is what you’re after, then you have come to the right place.

Truck owners give our nozzles rave reviews! Consistently reporting lower EGT's, increased mileage and much quieter running with the GDP's Torker Injector Nozzles.

The TORKER-IV nozzles will give you 125 horsepower at the wheels. TORKER-IV nozzles require upgraded fuel and air systems.

All GDP TORKER Series Nozzles start with brand new Bosch tips which are Extrude Honed to create extra power without extra soot and smoke. TORKER nozzles are flow balanced to 1% +/- target rate.

Nozzles sets include a laser cut stainless steel nozzle removal tool to help you change the nozzles. This tool is clamped in a vise and holds the injector so you can easily remove the nozzle. Also included are installation instructions and new copper washers.

TORKER Nozzle Sets Include: Brand New Bosch Flow Balanced Tips, New Copper Washers, Stainless Holding Tool, Intake Manifold Gasket, and Full Color Installation Manual.

NOTE: TORKER-IV (125 hp) and TORKER-V (150 hp) nozzles require a race waiver for purchase. We will contact you after purchase.

Part: TORKER-67125


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