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94-02 Cummins Cooling Kit-Improves Coolant Flow to Cylinder #6

This kit involves removing the rear freeze plug from the block and bolting a plate over it (shown in picture) and running a 5/8 ID coolant hose to the heater core return line.

Install the rear plate(8) marked & o ring(9) in the diagram, then using heater hose, plumb the hose into the heater core return line (the hose that leads down towards the oil filter). 

This will eliminate the possibility of blowing the rear freeze plug and also help coolant flow along cylinder #6. The rear freeze plug is under a LOT of pressure.. We managed to blow 3.5 gallons of coolant out this port when the hose blew off during a sled pull.

On some trucks, you may need to grind the plate to allow it to clear the bell housing.

You can do this with the cylinder head on.
It isn't fun, but is definitely do-able!

Everything is included in this kit except for the hose, tee fitting, and hose clamps

The following Cummins part numbers are included:
1x 3925226 Connection/Water Transfer
1x 3910530 O Ring
1x 3910677 Coupling, Hose Elbow
1x 3008468 Pipe Plug
2x 3910495 Hex Flange Head Cap Screw

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