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89-98 Dodge Ram 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins + 6BT PDD Batwing Rocker Pedestals

Power Driven Diesel “Batwing” Cummins rocker pedestals are 100% American made. Included is a set of (6) rocker towers/pedestals that are precision cast from 416 stainless steel, heat treated, and CNC machined. These pedestals feature a nearly 90% wider base footprint to offer enhanced valve train stability by reducing pedestal rocking and deflection. This stainless alloy is nearly 3 times stronger than the OEM pedestal material, and working in conjunction with the wider base footprint, virtually eliminates pedestal deflection.

Each pedestal is carefully fitted with a Power Driven Diesel Max-Lube pin. Max-Lube pins are made here in America from hardened chromoly, centerless-ground to size and featuring enhanced lubrication grooves. Max-Lube pins were developed to increase the hydrodynamic oil wedge at the pin to rocker arm wear surface by increasing oil flow across the width of the rocker arm to reduce the common galling issue at the rocker/pin rotating surface.

Power Driven Diesel Batwing pedestals feature a step for head stud clearance with an innovative radius to reduce stress concentration. If using these pedestals with factory or Power Driven Diesel upgraded head bolts, you may need to add a hardened washer under the bolt head to ensure the bolt does not run out of block thread engagement. These Batwing rocker pedestals are suitable for both the mildest stock Cummins powered trucks to wild 2000 HP race engines.

Power Driven Diesel: 51816181306

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