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89-18 Dodge 5.9L 6.7L Cummins PDD 1.30" Tappet Set

Upgrade your Dodge Ram Cummins engine with Power Driven Diesel’s high-quality Tappets. These 24V/12V 1.30″ tappets offer a larger size compared to the factory 12V 1.20″ tappets. With a measurement of 1.30″ and a larger 10mm cup for the pushrod, these tappets provide enhanced performance. If you’re planning to use them on a 12V engine, make sure to pair them with our hybrid 12V pushrods that have the correct 10mm ball end. Designed to fit both 12V and 24V engines from 1989 to 2002, these tappets are a versatile solution for your Cummins engine. They are carefully engineered to easily clear the lift pump lobe, whether you’re using a stock or larger aftermarket 12V camshaft.

Power Driven Diesel is committed to providing top-notch products that deliver exceptional performance. These 24V 1.30″ Tappets are no exception, offering durability and reliability to ensure your engine operates at its best. When you choose Power Driven Diesel, you can trust that you’re investing in high-quality components that will meet and exceed your expectations. Upgrade your Cummins engine with Power Driven Diesel’s Dodge Ram Cummins Tappets. And then experience improved performance and reliability. Whether you’re seeking enhanced power or simply need to replace worn-out tappets, these 1.30″ tappets are the ideal choice. Trust Power Driven Diesel to deliver the quality and performance you need for your Cummins engine.

Power Driven Diesel 24v/12v 1.30″ Tappets Sets are Compatible With:
1989 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1990 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1991 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1992 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1993 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1994 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1995 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1996 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1997 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1998 Dodge 5.9L 12V Cummins
1998.5 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
1999 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2000 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2001 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2002 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2003 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2004 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2004.5 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2005 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2006 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2007 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2007.5 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2008 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2009 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2010 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2011 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2012 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2013 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2014 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2015 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2016 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2017 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins
2018 Dodge 6.7L 24V Cummins


  • Complete set of 12 1.30″ Tappets
  • Compatible with 1998.5 – 2018 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins
  • Compatible with 1989 – 1998 5.9L Cummins with hybrid pushrods installed as well
  • These 1.30″ tappets will easily clear the lift pump lobe on both stock and larger aftermarket 12v camshafts

PDD: 53002020001

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