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03-18 Dodge Ram 5.9L + 6.7L Cummins Keating Billet Gear Housing P-Pump Or Sigma

Proven for over a decade on many top level competition pulling trucks and drag trucks who needed to mount p-pumps or Sigma pumps on 2003 and up 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins common rail engine blocks to utilize a stronger block when older blocks fail. Billet gear housing to allow installation of P-Pump or Sigma injection pump. Starts as a 78 pound solid block of aluminum. Has 12 Valve style mount for pre-common rail vacuum pump and power steering pump which some people use to mount other pumps depending on their application. O-ring seal to block and o-ring seal for front timing cover. This gear housing has the injection pump rotated about the cam gear to pull the center line away from the block for more clearance between the injection pump and cylinder head intake shelf. This moves the center line of the injection pump over approximately 7/16″ and down 5/16″. Injection pump sits at stock angle, just the center line of it’s shaft has moved. This is needed especially when using common rail cylinder head with a p-pump. It is made to accept common rail oil pan. So no modifying oil pan like some other competitor housings require you to do. Because of injection pump being shifted for cylinder head clearance and the fact that a few bolts are not in the same location on 12 valve vs common rail blocks it uses it’s own series of front covers which we make in several versions. This is the gear housing only, without front timing cover.

Keating: 081518-1

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