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07.5-23 Dodge 6.7L Cummins CCV Crank Case Vent Filter

Dodge 6.7L Cummins CCV Crank Case Vent Filter

All ‘07.5 and newer 6.7 liter engines have a crankcase vent filter that is located on top of the valve cover assembly and under the dress cover.

The factory suggested change interval for the CCV is 67,500 miles or when the overhead message appears. Due to the fact that the CCV breather tube is routed to the turbo inlet we recommend shorter change intervals to help minimize oil vapor coating of the turbo compressor wheel.

Per Dodge, a message on your overhead console will alert you when the Crankcase Vent filter becomes clogged.

Fleetguard Part number CV52001

Replaces/Cross References to:
Cummins 4936636
Mopar 68002433AB
Mopar 68002433AA

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