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EZLYNK Autoagent 3.0 (Blank Device Only)

EZLYNK Autoagent 3.0 (Blank Device Only)
EZLYNK Autoagent 3.0 (Blank Device Only)

  • Part Number: 100EE00AA3
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships By Next Business Day


Stronger, more secure WiFi module than original model

Improved internals for overall smoother performance

Intuitive app-based software

Cloud-based tune functionality

Uses your personal device to load and switch between tunes

Works with Apple (iOS) and Android

Automatic firmware updates

Simple vehicle diagnostics

Blank Auto Agent 3.0 included - no custom tunes or support are being provided at this time.

Custom Tuning at its Easiest and Simplest

A lot of folks shudder when they think of custom tuning for their truck, but with EZ LYNK's Auto Agent 3.0, there's no need to fear. This revolutionary diagnostics monitoring and tuning kit takes out the hassle of custom tuning and makes optimizing performance, fuel efficiency, shifting and diagnostics easier and simpler than ever. The Auto Agent 3.0 by EZ LYNK is a standalone diagnostics monitoring device that plugs directly into your OBDII port and emits a WiFi access point to connect to your monitor or iOS or Android device, which acts as a display to monitor performance diagnostics and load your emissions-legal custom tunes. No computers, no SD cards, no emailing back and forth - just plug in your Auto Agent 3.0 device, download the free EZ LYNK app from your iOS or Android Device, create an account and choose between single tune or shift-on-the-fly tune profiles (if equipped). Software updates are a breeze too. Your tuning provider will simply send you a software update for your truck's computer, which you can install right through your connected device/monitor without having to go to a shop.

Real-Time Data-Logging at the Press of a Button

Aside from acting as an advanced cloud server for your tunes, the EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3.0 is a technological marvel in itself. Real-time data-logging, troubleshooting, and diagnostic transmission is achieved with the press of a button, allowing you to identify and clear DTCs, monitor a massive selection of gauges, and send and receive troubleshooting information directly between you and your tuning provider. So instead of taking your truck to a shop, paying for the mechanics to identify the issue and fix it, simply tap the red button in the top right corner of the app's interface whenever something doesn't seem right, and the Auto Agent 3.0 will record diagnostics in real time to help you identify the issue. The Auto Agent 3.0 app also features an instant messaging chat function that allows you to connect to your tuning provider directly to help with adjustments specific to your exact needs and preferences. Whether it's your personal iOS or Android phone, tablet or custom monitor (available as drop-down options above), you can configure your chosen display with any one of the pre-loaded interfaces as well as specific gauges to help you better stay on top of what's going on under your hood.

How it Works

As for how this whole thing works, there really isn't much to know. What you'll get in the box is the Auto Agent 3.0 module with an OBDII cable, phone mount and installation instructions. The Auto Agent 3.0 acts as a WiFi router, allowing you to connect your phone, tablet or monitor wirelessly via the Auto Agent 3.0's WiFi signal. The Auto Agent 3.0 downloads your chosen tunes through its own WiFi signal, leaving no need to plug in any of your vehicle's information. You'll use your iOS or Android phone or tablet, or any one of the available Edge monitors, to switch between tunes, monitor different diagnostics, clear DTCs and record and transmit data-logs. These tuning files can be switched on-the-fly if you choose that option using our drop-down menu above, and this would require the Auto Agent 3.0 to remain plugged into the OBDII port. For single tune profiles, simply plug in the Auto Agent 3.0 to the OBDII port, load up the tunes using your connected device/monitor, and unplug the Auto Agent 3.0. The Auto Agent 3.0 does not lock to your truck, which means it can be used on multiple vehicles.

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