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Blank EFILive Autocal V3

The EFI Live Autocal is easily one of the most popular tuning devices in the world, and it just got that much better. With EFILive's integrated AutoCal V3 delivery platform you can supply your tunes to customers anywhere in the world. Each AC3 Autocal includes OBDII & USB Cables and can be used to tune over 600 vehicles. All Autocal V3 devices will come with one VIN Licence, and each vehicle you tune will require an additional VIN Licence. However, most custom tune files we sell will include the VIN license in the cost of the tuning. 

Remote custom tuning has never been easier! The EFI Live AC3 allows you to receive custom tune files via email, download them to your AC3, and then flash them onto your vehicle. So as long as you have an internet connection and access to a computer, you can throw these tunes on from anywhere!

The AC3 is more than just a 'generic handheld', the AutoCal delivers EFILive's renowned scan tool for your use. This allows for the collection and transmission of logged data back to the tuner for analysis. Have a DTC code that you're worried about? With this AutoCal, you also have the ability to diagnose and clear codes!

-Blank- No Tunes
-Includes 1 Free VIN License
-Ability to Tune up to 600 VIN Numbers
-Includes OBII & USB Cables
-High-Speed Datalogging & Store Files
-Read & Clear DTC Codes
-Built-in 512MB micro SD Card.
-Built-in audible alarms.
-Upgradable firmware.
-Battery backed real-time clock.
-Appears as a Windows USB drive.
-The built-in power supply prevents data corruption if the external power supply is interrupted.

-Full access to the EFILive Scan Tool.
-Full access to EFILive tuning parameters, including Custom Operating Systems.
-Integrate your own tuning parameters.
-Command Line Interface (CLI) and gang-programming will automate processes and programs up to five devices simultaneously.

-Multi-vehicle licensing.
-AutoCal VIN slots are configurable. Tuners manage capacity between 1 (default) and 600 VIN slots. (Each VIN slot requires one VIN license).
-Additional VIN licenses (up to 600) can be purchased.

Quick Setup:
-Configure and program all device settings, scan and tune settings, tune files and security in a single process.
-Save Quick Setup configurations for easy reuse.
-Email BBX configurations to support remote customers.

-Import tune files.
-Search files using key vehicle data (VIN, OS, segment, comments).
-Customize software settings – Scan & Tune file save templates, displays, units, dashboards.
-The AutoCal cannot be used to create, edit, or save tune files. The FlashScan device is required fortune file preparation



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