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Fass Platinum Series Particulate Separator 3 Micron Filter

The FASS PF-3001 Fuel Particulate Filter directly replaces the fuel filter on your FASS Titanium Series or Titanium Signature Series Fuel Systems. Featuring 144 Micron filtration, it's placement now on the suction side drastically reduces cavitation while increasing flow properties, removing larger fuel particulates, and creating an overall quieter sound output from the pump.

Replaces FF-3003 Filters

Suggested Change Interval - 30,000 Miles

For Titanium Series & Titanium Signature Series

Note: This filter must be used with the XWS-3002 Extreme Water Separator due to the fact that the PF-3001 is now on the suction side and the XWS-3002 is on the pressure side. Please see the location diagram on the filters for proper filter placement.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice