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98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins Diesel Stock Replacement Lift Pump

4943048 - 24 Valve Dodge 98.5 -02 Lift/ Fuel Transfer Pump (latest updated version)

This new Cummins lift pump, supercedes all previous 24 valve Cummins fuel lift pumps.

This new fuel lift pump design has an internal bypass circuit in the rotor housing that allows fuel to be drawn, with less restriction, from the fuel tank to the injection pump in the event of an inoperable pump.

On any 98.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins, we HIGHLY recommend the use of a fuel pressure gauge. Any amount of run time with less than 5PSI of fuel pressure due to a weak in inoperable lift pump can cause damage to your VP44 injection pump, which is VERY pricey to replace.

On modified trucks, for a higher flow, more reliable lift pump, we highly recommend the FASS fuel preporator system or the Airdog Fuel system. This stock replacement pump is designed for stock HP levels only.

Part Number 5362273 (old part number 4943048)

Lame California Prop 65 Notice