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Donate to the FealGood Foundation


This year Pure Diesel Power is proud to announce that we are donating 5% of our Gross sales from 12 am to 11:59 pm Wednesday 9/11/19 to the FealGood Foundation.

Why did we choose the FealGood Foundation?

    FGF's mission is to assist all emergency personnel, including but not limited to, firefighters, police officers, nurses, volunteers, sanitation workers, transportation workers and construction workers, within the United States who have been injured, or face serious injury due to action or omission, in the course of their duties or within their everyday lives.

    The mission of the FGF includes educating elected officials and private entities on the various problems, concerns, and issues faced by First Responders in their everyday duties. The FGF is therefore dedicated to advocating for First Responder rights and illuminating, to proper authorities, the serious issues they encounter.

Read their mission for yourself.

How does FGF help?

FGF tries to assist individuals by:

  • medications/prescriptions
  • natural remedies
  • health-related physical aids
  • transportation to chemotherapy and other medical treatments and visits
  • Nutrition
  • Basic home utilities

What can you do?

If you would like to make a donation alongside ours, head to their website.

    It is very important to Pure Diesel Power that we support this great nation in any way we can and we are so thankful that we have a way of doing so through our wonderful customers and the diesel community. We hope that in the future we will be able to provide more and do this more often. With that being said if you know of any foundation/s Pure Diesel Power can help support please let us know by sending us a message on facebook!