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47RH/47RE Dodge 5.9L Cummins Viper Triple Disk Torque Converter

Viper Cummins 47RE Torque Converter
By Precision Industries

The 47RE transmission has had numerous types of failure.
The main failure that is still present to this day are the problems with the torque converter.
These problems consist of being too loose, generating heat and complete self-destruction.


As a potential customer, you are asking yourself what are all these advantages going to do for me. (1) You will experience increased mileage due to superior and efficient fluid coupling the Viper torque converter has at all speeds. (2) You will have more acceleration from a dead stop due to the increased torque multiplication to a point that you will think you added a power chip to your vehicle. (3) There will be no more worries about overheating the transmission in heavy traffic or hot weather pulling a heavy load due to the fluid shear of a poorly designed torque converter. (4) There will be no turbo lag and no need to add extra power to get your truck to drive and operate properly. (5) You will have peace of mind knowing that the Viper torque converter has a 100% 5-year warranty. 

In all of our testing, nothing compares to the Viper.


5-Year Warranty protects against:
-Material defects
-Workmanship defects
1 Free stall change within 2-years of purchase date

Orders usually ship within 2-3 business days.

Please note: A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all unused/unopened returns on torque converters. 

$300 Core Charge Applies. The customer is responsible for return freight.

Can only be shipped "Signature Required".

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