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04.5-10 LLY, LBZ, LMM Duramax 63mm FMW Cheetah® Turbocharger


Upgrading to the Fleece Cheetah turbo on your LLY Duramax can offer several benefits depending on your goals and how you use your truck. Here are a few reasons why you might consider this upgrade:

Increased Performance: The Fleece Cheetah turbo is designed to enhance airflow more efficiently than the stock turbo. This can result in higher horsepower and torque outputs, making your Duramax more powerful, which is particularly beneficial if you’re towing or need better acceleration.
Reduced Turbo Lag: This turbo is engineered to spool up quicker than the standard turbocharger, which can reduce turbo lag and improve throttle response. This makes the driving experience more responsive and enjoyable, especially when merging onto highways or when additional power is needed quickly.
Durability: Fleece Performance Engineering turbos are known for their durability and reliability. Upgrading to a Cheetah turbo can mean a longer-lasting turbo system, especially under high-performance demands, reducing the likelihood of turbo-related failures.
Efficiency: Improved turbo efficiency can lead to better fuel economy under certain conditions. By optimizing the air flow and the engine’s ability to use that air, you might see some improvements in how efficiently your engine uses fuel, especially during high-load scenarios.
Support for Further Modifications: If you plan to make additional performance modifications to your LLY Duramax, having a robust turbo like the Fleece Cheetah can provide the necessary airflow to support those upgrades, such as increased fuel delivery, tuning, and other engine modifications.
Sound and Aesthetics: Many enthusiasts also appreciate the enhanced sound of a performance turbocharger, and the Fleece Cheetah is no exception. It can provide a more satisfying turbo whistle or spool sound, along with a more impressive engine bay appearance.
Before deciding on the upgrade, consider your specific needs, how you use your truck, and your overall performance goals. Additionally, ensure your engine and other components are in good condition to handle the increased power and performance. Your stock Allison transmission will eventually need to be built. We have you covered there, check out our various options in the transmission section of our website. 

The Duramax VNT Cheetah Turbocharger is a drop-in replacement turbocharger for 04.5-10 Duramax diesels. It comes with a Fleece Performance 63mm FMW compressor wheel and 66mm high flow turbine wheel. You’ll enjoy the spool up and throttle response of a small turbo and still get the big top end power you’re looking for. Rated at 625 RWHP this is the ultimate combination for dual purpose applications. If you are towing during the week, and sled pulling on the weekend, the 63mm VNT Cheetah is just the ticket.


Stock Appearing:

100% Stock Appearing. This turbocharger uses the stock housings with updated internals. This allows you to keep all factory systems intact yet allow you to safely run 40-45 PSI of boost.

Proven Technology:

These turbochargers are built with genuine Garrett Turbocharger parts. They feature upgraded shaft bearings and 360 degree thrust bearings. No other drop in replacement aftermarket VNT turbo on the market can offer you that.

Powerful Yet Responsive:

These turbochargers spool like stock, thanks to the variable nozzle technology (VNT) which allows the turbo to act smaller upon spool-up and then open up to flow more exhaust on the top end.

Exclusive FMW Wheel Technology:

• Forged Milled Wheels are Stronger than Billet
• Faster Spool-Up
• Increased Throttle Response
• Broader Torque Curve

Part Number: FPE-VNT63-STREET

Lame California Prop 65 Notice