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03-13 Dodge Ram HD Carli Suspension Opposing Stainless Steering Stabilizer Kit

Opposing Steering Stabilizer System

This Kit includes both the above Low-Mount and High Mount Stabilizers with the addition of the Differential Guard and Bracket. The purpose of the Differential Guard and Bracket are to provide an alternate means of mounting the low-mount stabilizer, changing its direction of correction. Mounting the fixed side of the stabilizer on the Diff Guard Bracket and the clamp to the steering effects a push toward the passenger side to counter the High-Mount Stabilizer’s push toward the driver’s side. This is the best correction offered as it provides a completely adjustable steering stabilization package that can be set to neutral for trucks that drive true, or adjusted respective to any radial pull one could encounter while offering protection for the differential.

High Mount Steering Stabilizer

The High-Mount adds a secondary stabilizer out of harm’s way to the upper steering link, the drag-link. There are no provisions from the factory for an upper stabilizer; thus, we provide a bracket for the frame side and a billet clamp for the upper-tie-rod-end on the steering. Its orientation allows for correction of right-hand radial pull by adjusting the nitrogen pressure. When a severe right-hand pull is encountered, this stabilizer can be combined with the above low-mount for double the correction; both pushing toward the driver’s side. This combination provides fantastic damping as there will be one stabilizer on each steering link. This stabilizer should only be run in conjunction with a low-mount as it’s not designed to be an only stabilizer.

Low Mount Steering Stabilizer

This stabilizer replaces your factory steering stabilizer with our IFP Unit. It’s orientation allows for correction of right-hand radial pull by adjusting the nitrogen pressure. A Differential Guard and Diff-Guard Bracket can be added to reverse the stabilizer’s orientation allowing left-hand radial pull correction.

Carli Part Number: CS-DSSOSK-T

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