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04.5-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Fleece 63mm FMW Cheetah Turbocharger (Street)

The Ford 6.0L VNT Cheetah Turbocharger is highly regarded as an excellent turbo replacement for several reasons, particularly for the 2004.5-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke diesel engines:

Drop-In Design: This turbocharger is designed as a drop-in replacement, meaning it is engineered to fit without modifications to the engine bay or exhaust system. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the potential for errors or additional modifications.

Enhanced Compressor and Turbine Wheels: It features a 63mm Forged Milled Wheel (FMW) compressor wheel, which is larger and more efficient than the stock version. The FMW design helps to improve airflow and boost pressure, enhancing the engine's performance. The 66mm turbine wheel also improves exhaust gas flow, which reduces backpressure and increases the turbocharger's efficiency.

Variable Nozzle Technology (VNT): The VNT design allows for adjustable vanes around the turbine wheel, which can change their angle to match engine speed and load. This adaptability improves the turbo's responsiveness and helps maintain optimal performance across a wide range of engine conditions.

Performance Gains: Users of the Cheetah Turbocharger often report significant improvements in horsepower and torque, which is a direct result of the more efficient boost and airflow management provided by the upgraded components.

Durability: The use of high-quality materials and engineering adjustments, like the FMW compressor wheel, typically offers better durability and longevity compared to the stock turbocharger. This means better performance over the turbo's lifespan and potentially fewer issues related to wear and tear.

Reduced Turbo Lag: With improved turbine and compressor wheel designs, there is typically a reduction in turbo lag, leading to a more responsive and smoother power delivery.

Overall, the Ford 6.0L VNT Cheetah Turbocharger is designed to enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of the 6.0L Powerstroke engines, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts and professionals looking for a high-performance replacement turbocharger.



Stock Appearing:

100% Stock Appearing. This turbocharger uses the stock housings with updated internals. This allows you to keep all factory systems intact yet allow you to safely run 40 PSI of boost. No aftermarket components or modifications needed for installation.

Proven Technology:

These turbochargers are built with genuine Garrett Turbocharger parts. They feature upgraded shaft bearings and 360 degree thrust bearings.

Powerful Yet Responsive:

These turbochargers spool like stock, thanks to the variable nozzle technology (VNT) which allows the turbo to act smaller upon spool-up and then open up to flow more exhaust on the top end.

Part number: FPE-6.0STREET-0407

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