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01+ GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel Hamilton Heavy Duty Valve Spring Set

Many performance springs that are used on the Duramax engine, are springs from another application that are adapted to fit. Using a spring designed for a gasoline application and on your Duramax, does not address all of the problems associated with high rpm, high boost , diesel engines. Does the spring you are currently using require you to machine the head, use different retainers or different spring cups? Chances are you are running a rebadged, mass production gas spring. Manufacturers often do this because they either don’t have the money to design a spring or don’t know what your engine needs. In either case you could be running a spring designed for an entirely different engine and needs.

Hamilton Cams Duramax springs were manufactured in the U.S.A. for the Duramax engine only! If you are running more rpm, boost or a higher lift cam than factory, then these springs will help you control your valves. By controlling your valves you will effectively eliminate valve float(when the valve is not in contact with the rocker) which allows the valve to hammer the seat, or reversion that can occur when exhaust drive pressures open the exhaust valve on the intake stroke.

These springs will handle engines running up to 5,000 rpm with up to .600” valve lift and up to 100psi boost! They do not require the purchase of any spring cups, new style retainers, or different locks. They will work with all of the factory hardware. If you are at the level that you need our valvesprings, you would probably benefit from our performance pushrods.

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