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Fluids, Additives, & Lubricants

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with high performance additives and oils from Pure Diesel Power.

At Pure Diesel Power, they carry a vast selection of fuel additives to help remove harmful deposits and built-up gunk that may be plaguing your fuel system. These additives can also help improve fuel efficiency and increase performance, as well as smooth idling issues that may be caused by imperfections and other contaminants. They also carry an extensive inventory of lubricants to keep all of your vehicle and engine components moving. From engine oil to transmission lube, Pure Diesel Power has everything you need to make the most of your vehicle.

They also carry specially formulated lubricants and washer fluids for performance in extremely low temperatures, perfect for those who operate in inclement winter environments. Plus, Pure Diesel Power also carries a variety of sealants and thread-locking materials to ensure components that shouldn’t move stay in place.

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