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07.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins DPF EGT Sims

07.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins DPF EGT Sims

List price: $99.00  


You save: $30.00 (30%)

We make ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES that this will allow for a code-free DPF delete. 
This item is NOT returnable. This product is for PICKUP TRUCKS only, not Cab & Chassis.


  • Three (or 4 depending on year) OEM connectors populated with factory pins to provide worry free contact and mating.
  • All ports come populated with weather seals to prevent water and debris intrusion.

Technical Information:

  • Connectors plug into factory harness and using a 330 or 100 ohm resistor simulate high EGT's to prevent regeneration.
  • Resistors are protected from the elements with weather proof shrink tubing. 

Truck Requirements:

  • Race part only not intended for use on any public roads or trucks that will be driven on the street.
  • In most cases a DPF differential pressure sim is needed to make the truck code free.  See related products.
Please Select Year and OHM options below. 2007.5-2009 has 3 sims, 2010-2012 comes with 4 sims.
There also is a extra $5.00 charge for 2010-2012.

Not sure which OHM value to get? Check this link out for more information.
The bottom line is that if you have no way of clearing the counters, and don’t want to eventually regen, 100 ohm sims are your best option. You WILL have a check engine light.
If you have a tuner/power module that can clear the codes every time you turn your key on, the 330 ohm sims are the better option. 330 ohm sims set a check engine light, which your tuner/power module clears if you have it configured to do so.

We highly recommend purchasing a DPF pressure sensor sim to go along with your egt sims. Not ALL trucks will need it, but it should help prevent the "Service required, see dealer now" code if you use a pressure sim plug. Select option above.
We make ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES that this will allow for a code-free DPF delete.
This item is NOT returnable.
Express Shipping Note: This part may require one extra day for shipping. If ordering express/next day shipping please add 1 extra day lead time.

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